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5 ways of preserving your books

5 things you can do to keep your books in best condition!

We all would like to think that our books remain the same as the years go by.

Unfortunately, this is not true. Our books are alive! Not in the Toy Story sense of way but in the natural material kind of way. Paper has a life of its own so it is important to keep in mind books need some extra care in order to maintain their figure and color.

So here are 5 things you can do to keep your books in the best possible condition. Let’s start:


Books standing up

Books standing up


       1. Keep them stored nicely in your bookcase

Make sure you always keep your books upright when on the shelves of your bookcases. You should make sure the books sit comfortably on the shelves with some space between them. It is never a good idea to stuff too many into a shelf. I understand this can be difficult when you are living the life of a bookworm but packing them too tightly can lead to structural damage. It is also better to keep them next to books that are around the same height to keep the spine from experiencing stress.


Thin bookmark is the best option for your book

Thin bookmark is the best solution for your book


       2. Use thin bookmarks

Do not use bulky or large bookmarks. While using bookmarks is the best for your books than dog-earing the edges, when they are too large and bulky they can damage the glue in the book’s spine to damage the binding. You need really thin bookmarks to slip between the pages of your book. Check out our Shop for thin textile bookmarks with creative designs inspired by literature.


Yellow pages in books

Yellow pages in books


       3. Clean the yellow out of your books

Have you noticed some pages turn yellow in the outside of your books? You can clean the yellow out with sandpaper. You can hold all the pages together, use a small piece of sandpaper (ex. P100) and scratch the yellow out. Make sure to be in an outside area or have papers bellow because this process can make a really big mess. But the result of clean white books is really satisfying. 


Acid free bookmarks are the best for the pages of your book

Acid free bookmarks are the best for the pages of your book


     4. Do not use acid materials inside

Have you seen these pictures with pizza stains inside a book? Well that is not the only acid that can hurt a book page. Some kinds of paper or even wood andmetal in many cases can stain and leave marks inside your book pages. Acid free paper and textile can be the best option for maintaining the best condition of your book so that your pages are unharmed.  Check out our Shop for beautiful textile art.


Bookcase in dry spot

Bookcase in dry spot


     5. Books are like vampires, keep them away from sunlight!

It’s summer, you want to take your book to the beach! Well you can but when stored permanently keep them in a space with no direct sunlight. It is important to keep your book shelves if possible in a dry and cool spot of the house. Humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth in your books, which will damage them. Your books are like vampires and their biggest enemy apart from sunlight is mold! 

I hope you found those tips helpful. Let me know what steps do you follow to preserve your precious books?


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