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Caramel Droplets

Caramel Droplets

At the Festival

Caramel dipped droplets. What a heaven! I remember going to the festival and there they were! All those different kinds of candy!

I could see the chocolate cake pops and vanilla cupcakes, I could hear the candy canes crack in children’s mouths. But most of all I remember the caramel. The peachy gold color of the caramel. 

I could taste it in my mouth even before eating it.

“Mom. can I have these droplets?” I asked her

“Are these the ones you couldn’t stop talking about?”she said

“Yes” I said with a huge smile on my face

“Ok, you can have them but do not eat them all at once. Take your time” she said and I was thrilled! 

I wanted to eat them all at once of course but I took my mum’s advice and enjoyed them one at a time. That was when my friend Fiona showed up.

“Hey girl! What do we have here?” she said and took some droplets.

Then my friend Josh came by.

“Hello ladies! Well, are these caramel droplets?” he said while taking some of my droplets again without even asking.

“Heyy!” I said but it was pointless. 

Then another came and then another until I was left with almost none.

Who said that having too many friends was a blessing?

I was so mad at all of them.

But most of all I was so mad at my mum! 

Teenage fight

On our way back home there was silence inside the car. I was imagining she would say something like: 

“Did you have fun with your friends?”

And I would snap back at her something like

“Well apart from them eating all my droplets it was great!”

But instead she said:

“Your friends seemed pleased you shared your droplets with them. You were so generous”

Damn it! She is good!

“Thank you mom! I would prefer of course to keep them all for myseld like the selfish brat you raised me to be” I said.

Maybe I went too far?

“Ok. Put these emotions into words! Why are you angry? Are you angry at me because I told you to take your time with these droplets and that had as a result your friends taking all your candy?” she loudly said

“YES” I loudly answered.

“Do you hear yourself? How does this sound to you: I am a teenager, mad at my mum because my friends ate all my candy?!” she said.

I said nothing. And then I laughed.

I laughed so hard. She was right as always. I hated that she was right. 

She responded to my sincere laugh with her own beautiful laugh.

“You know that we ought to have a regular fight some time in the future. A normal teenager one” I said knowing that she had put so much reason in my head for me to be able to hold a grudge. 

“We can pretend right now. After we go inside you can run to your room and slam the door behind you. Your father will be puzzled” she said.

“It’s a deal,” I said.

My name is Eugenia and since I was able to read I adored going to bookshops and devour new books every week. This turned into a habit of mine and after years I wanted to be like my favorite authors and try to create stories of my own. At the university, graduate of Philosophy and History of Science, I started to address everything around me by composing articles for the paper. My interest led me to pursue further studies in arts and museum sector. I hope you have a nice time reading my stories and articles. Enjoy!

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