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      Flying Books


      A unique textile bookmark that respects books as well as the environment. You can twist it without damaging its figure. 

      Bookla textile bookmark was created after numerous attempts to be

      • A unique bookworm gift
      • Weaved in a loom
      • Thin to slip between pages
      • Made from washable / eco friendly material
      • With certification of eco friendly textiles by OEKO-TEX (Standard 100) 
      • Designs inspired by literature and everyday life 
      • Gift packaging custom made for Bookla bookmarks

      Portion of our earnings goes to local libraries. Learn more About Us.

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      Piece of Art

      Our purpose with this design was to create a visual of what we think books can offer to the reader. Our books are travelling, flying free from place to place, from reader to reader in order to share stories. It is amazing how a book can survive for centuries and time travel to a future in which it is still appreciated. We love these books, the ones that even if we don’t remember them exactly we can recollect how we felt while reading them.

      Textile Design

      Our bookmarks are made in a loom offering the best quality. The mechanical loom breathes life into our designs. Each bookmark is flat weaved at the same time on both sides by holding the threads under tension to facilitate the interweaving. The material used for our bookmarks is recycled polyester from PET bottles and it is washable. Our bookmarks hold a certificate for eco friendly textile colors.

      Additional information

      Weight 0.025 kg
      Dimensions 19 × 4.5 × 0.05 cm

      Dark Blue, Yellow


      Recycled Polyester


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