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Soul Thief

Something about owls

It is known that owls can steal your soul when they stare at your eyes for too long. It is known and that is all you need to know.
The question is: What can an owl do with a soul?

There was once an Owl named Glenn who knew from a young age that if she managed to get four souls she could trade them for a wish. The wish maker was a red fellow named Bob with two horns on his head and a spiky tail.
When Bob is in possession of the four human souls, the people would stop acting like themselves and they will be under his influence. Bob is a devious fellow who would trick anyone who is making a wish in order to steal their soul too, without them understanding it.

In many occasions, owls would wish something metaphorically speaking. Bob being the devil that he is would make that happen literally, in order to take their souls as well. For example when owls wished to be transformed into seagulls, Bob would turn them to sketches of seagulls on a piece of paper. That way he could get five souls. He liked five souls better than four.

Facing a dilemma

Why not take the souls himself you are asking, if he is so mischievous. Bob doesn’t have time for that. He is busy stealing pieces out of puzzles.

You had to be extremely specific and leave no other option to Bob but to make your wish come true. Glenn knew that something was wrong. She asked around the neighborhood and everyone told her one thing. No one was left alive to tell the story. She knew she had to be carefull.

After obtaining the fourth soul, they were four hearts painted on her chest. She has never done anything like this before.
Glenn was thinking what she wanted the most. Is this the right thing to do?

The four souls were beating inside her.
“Do not give us to him,” said one of the souls.
“Shhh! I need to think what I should wish for” Glenn said.
“We are innocent! Do not condemn us!” another soul said.
“Nobody is innocent,” Glenn said and thought of Bob. He was terrorizing everyone. Nobody could escape him. Maybe I want to become him, or maybe I could just put an end to this.
Glenn wasn’t sure. Why does this voice of ethic have to echo in her ears? Does Bob have a voice like this? Does he silence the voice or he doesn’t have one? All those questions were troubling Glenn until she decided. There was no other option than to go and find him.

Dance with the devil

She paid him a visit to his underground cave to confront him.
“I am here with four souls and one wish” Glenn said while confronting him.
“Welcome Glenn! I heard you have been asking about me! Everyone who is here to offer souls is welcomed. What is your wish?” Bob said while he crossed his teeth with his tongue.
Glenn could feel the vibration from the fear of the four souls inside her.
She couldn’t mess this up! She stand across of him starring directly at his eyes. 
“I wish the creature in front of me, usually called Bob, cease having the ability to use any souls past, future and present”
A devil’s victorious laugh was echoed inside the cave.
“What did you expect to happen exactly? There is always a way for me to get out of this” Bob said
“Why Bob? What are you? A lawyer? Can you write novels with no plot holes as well?” Glenn said with fear embracing her own soul. She always made jokes when terrified. And that joke would be the last of hers.
“Yes! I can escape from any wish” Bob said arrogantly.

“And now you are mine!” he said while waving his hand in a “come here” manner.

The beating souls were holding their breaths.
Nothing happened.
Glenn stayed at her place.
Bob tried again.

Wave of souls

Suddenly thousands of souls stormed out of the cave creating an enormous wave.
“I said present” Glenn yelled while soul by soul run passed her.
“You said present! Dammit! They always forget to say present! I cannot believe this!” Bob said furiously while begging the souls to stay.
After a while there was silence inside the cave.
“Ok you win! What do you really want? Come on, tell me I can do anything! Anything you want will be yours. You only have to reverse your current wish!” Bob said sure for himself.

“I think, that was it for you. Go get some rest.” Glenn said.

“What are you going to do with the four souls you got? They are useless to you anyway” Bob said wtih his face even more red than his usual red.

“I am going to return them to their owners Bob!” Glenn said! “And let every owl know that they cannot just offer you souls! That is just ridiculous!”

My name is Eugenia and since I was able to read I adored going to bookshops and devour new books every week. This turned into a habit of mine and after years I wanted to do what my favorite authors were doing: Create stories of my own! Graduate of Philosophy and History of Science, I started to address everything around me by composing articles for the paper. My interest led me to pursue further studies in arts and museum sector. I hope you have a nice time reading my stories and articles. Enjoy!

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