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Whale in the Sky

In search of the perfect Star

Once upon a time there was a blue whale who would travel the world in search of the perfect Star.

The whale knew that one Star which would shine brighter than all stars combined would be the perfect birthday gift to herself. She was turning 110 years old in a few days. 110 whole years with so many memories and stories. The connection she made with her family, her friends these were priceless but she always wanted to see a miracle from up close.

Even though her family tried to talk her out of that idea, she wanted to make that for herself. She knew they loved her but she needed to follow her heart. She dreamed of that Star since she was a little whale.

She searched in great seas and under icebergs, swam beside old cities and followed ancient water paths. All the travelling was exhausting but she had a goal to achieve and nothing could stop her. Of course she wasn’t a young whale anymore but her flippers could take it. She would emerge from the water from time to time to check the sky and then continue wandering under the sea.

Birthday gift

On the day of her birthday, the whale was starting to get tired. She stopped beside a huge rock by a forest.

The trees were so dense that any light was impossible to get through. After catching her breath for a few moments, the whale searched the sky again and this time she saw through the branches the star she was looking for. She was so mesmerized the star was reflected in her eyes! Astonishing!

There it was. So beautiful and right above her. She couldn’t believe she did it. She found it! She wanted to share it with her loved ones but she was all alone. 

The blue whale called them. The speed of sound underwater is four times faster than above sea. Within hours her family was there with her. So many whales getting together must be a miraculous thing to behold. 

All of her family started singing a haunting sound to greet her for her birthday. She was so happy. She felt her spirit lifted from her body and suddenly she was floating. Above the forest she flew into the stars until she was reunited with her brightest Star. They were creating a constellation. Into the endless sky a constellation of 110 bright stars all around her bright Star.

My name is Eugenia and since I was able to read I adored going to bookshops and devour new books every week. This turned into a habit of mine and after years I wanted to be like my favorite authors and try to create stories of my own. At the university, graduate of Philosophy and History of Science, I started to address everything around me by composing articles for the paper. My interest led me to pursue further studies in arts and museum sector. I hope you have a nice time reading my stories and articles. Enjoy!

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